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I’m not really too sure why I’ve started this blog if I’m honest.

I’m studying my a-levels and anyone who has studied them will be able to relate to having literally NO time to do anything. I thought this may be a good way to take my mind off revision and get away for a short while.

I’m not expecting anything from this post, nor am i expecting anyone to read this or want to read this to be exact, but I may as well say a little bit about myself.

Hi, I’m Ellie. (I’m not too sure how you start these posts, so I figured that would be my best bet). I’m 17 years old and like I’ve moaned on about previously, I’m currently studying my a-levels. At the moment, I am studying Art, Business Studies, History and English Language. I love all my subjects, however they are very draining and time consuming (aka full on and stressful)

I’m using my blog in 2 ways. One to help me get away and distract myself from work. Two to help me with my English studies.

I’m still not too sure what I’m going to post on my blog/whether I’m going to post anything else, I just wanna be able to get away and use my time to write some blog posts, even if I am the only person who’s going to read them.

I love being creative and experimenting with new things, whether it be fashion or makeup! I would love some inspo for some more posts that I can write up and something which you would love for me to write!

Thanks for Reading ya gals first post,

I hope it was kinda worth the read!  (if not, then I promise I’ll get better!)

Ellie x

Screenshot 2017-04-27 at 20.24.03


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